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With my tour 'Stay central!', I invite you to become part of a 2 hour experience, and discover the historic city centre of Saxony's largest city – always in dialogue with contemporary architecture.

Enjoy the charm and richness of Leipzig's heritage and its meaningful history, its daring new constructions such as the Museum of Fine Arts, the City Tunnel or the new catholic church Saint Trinitatis. Depending on each walk's itinery, we will come across various sites of the former Fair Trade Palaces and wander through some of the many arcades; hear about Woyzeck's execution and the inspiration this gave to Georg Büchner; enjoy the various sites and stories related to the world-famous Gewandhaus, the pride of the music world; discover the central university campus and its stunning new architecture, hear about Goethe and the current literary movements; look at the Bach statue and feel the presence of his music at Saint Thomas Church. And of course, you will hear about the Peaceful Revolution of 1989, and get the tools to ponder over the value of freedom and self-determination.
Stay central, and get a glimpse of why so many people want to live in Germany's fastest growing city.


2 h


  • 2h
  • 90 € flat charge for 1 - 10 people.
  • Aussi disponible en français !
  • You need to be fit for walking.
  • Not suitable for wheelchairs.
  • I am a German born artist and writer and have lived, for many years, in Paris, London and Berlin. I love showing and sharing my home town, and hold the qualification of a certified city guide (Chamber of Commerce and Industry). As an artist I have held various grants, and have worked and exhibited in Germany, France, the UK, Belgium, Austria and Spain, in Cuba and India, in the US and Canada.
  • I have worked, among others, as a translator, a language teacher, a radio producer and an extra in film, as the art director for a Cuban motion picture and the stage designer of a theatre-dance company in the south of France.


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€ 90,00
per person