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With my tour 'Go East!', I invite you to become part of a 2 hour experience, and discover an up-and-coming part of Saxony's largest city. Be one of the first to witness the diverse and yet unexplored East of Leipzig. With the gaze of the artist and professional city guide, the group will explore cityscapes and live the urban space as an incessant source of thought, emotion and form.

Depending on each walk's itinery, we will come across various sites of the former book industries, discover parts of the lively districts of Neustadt, Volkmarsdorf and Reudnitz, stroll along residential streets full of Gründerzeit charm (the Founders' Period), partly restored, partly used for neighbourhood cafés and alternative housing projects, hear about gentrification and remedies, or look at the former home of Uwe Johnson (the author of Anniversaries. From the Life of Gesine Cresspahl, partly set in the New York of the 1960s, and beautifully adapted for the cinema by Maragrethe von Trotta). A visit to Mariannenpark and the chearfully renovated social housing blocks of the 1920s in Schönefeld might be on our track as well as a visit, according to programming and opening hours, to off gallery and exhibition spaces, to Rabet, one of the neighborhood parks part of the shrinking city programme of the 1990s, or the site of „Kino der Jugendˮ, a historic cinema to be reopened hopefully soon. We will come along the parish of St Lucas Church, an active contributor to the Peaceful Revolution in 1989, as well as segments of the programmed Parkbogen Ost, one of the city's largest urban development programme: a circular walk and cycle path linking the green areas in the East, including a disused railway aqueduct – based on New York's High Lane park and the Promeade plantée in Paris.
There is also Lene-Voigt-Park, a green stretch highly appreciated by students living in Reudnitz, where you can also see, and sometimes smell, the local brewery, Sternburg. Lene Voigt, the most famous poet of Saxon dialect, lived on the edge of the former railway tracks, now the park.
Discover the EAST!


2 h


  • 2h
  • 90 € flat charge, for 1 - 10 people.
  • You need to be fit for walking.
  • Not suitable for wheelchairs.
  • Aussi disponible en français !
  • I am a German born artist and writer and have lived, for many years, in Paris, London and Berlin. I love showing and sharing my home town, and hold the qualification of a certified city guide (Chamber of Commerce and Industry). As an artist I have held various grants, and have worked and exhibited in Germany, France, the UK, Belgium, Austria and Spain, in Cuba and India, in the US and Canada.
  • I have worked, among others, as a translator, a language teacher, a radio producer and an extra in film, as the art director for a Cuban motion picture and the stage designer of a theatre-dance company in the south of France.


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€ 90,00
per person