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Wether you are on holiday with your dog or resident and owner of a bored dog - Vienna is a great place for dogs (as long as you pick up whatever falls out of your cutie) and we will explore the city through your doggy's eyes.

Being a dog owner in a city or taking your furry friend on holiday can be quite challenging if you don't know where to go for walks or where to buy the best toys for your dog. I am the proud owner of a very special Spanish greyhound named Huesitos and we are looking forward to helping you find your doggish way around Vienna. Just let us know what you are most interested in - long walks in the beutiful nature surrounding Vienna, shops with goodies for dogs or a stroll through the city with your dog - Huesitos and me will be happy to show you around and customize a tour for you.


2 h


  • Please make sure your dog is ok with other dogs and city life.
  • Bring a muzzle in case we need to use public transport.
  • Be prepared to pick up your dog's poop - this is mandatory in Vienna and there are plenty of free bag dispensers around the city.
  • The price includes a ticket for you and your dog.


To book this tour please choose a date and timeframe.
The Lovli Local will receive your request and let you know if the tour is available on this date and suggest a time.

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