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You all know this feeling of restlessness that comes over you from time to time. It's your inner voice telling you it's time again. Time to pack and explore. Time to learn something new. Time to feel the very heartbeat of this planet. Compared to the size of the universe our blue planet is tiny but there is so much to see that you can hardly manage to visit every corner in a life time. I travel because I never feel closer to myself than on a long journey. I love my hometown and have a strong connection with the place I grew up but I found out the further I travel away from it, the closer I come to my inner self. Being far far away in a foreign country gives you the opportunity to check who you really are. The people you meet widen your horizon and get to know you just the way you are at this exact moment. They have no idea about your past or about your future - you are present. Feeling present is something that we sometimes miss out on in our daily lives because we are always thinking about the future or because we are stuck in the past. Try it for yourself and experience what it is like to meet yourself in a land far far away. I can only recommend it!