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Three years ago I found myself trapped in an office working as a PR Director for a very hip company. Theoretically this was just the place where my career should have led me to but I was everything but happy. I felt trapped sitting in an office for at least 8 hours a day, five days a week and working for a boss who deleted the word benevolence from his vocabulary. Going on a holiday for more than two weeks was impossible. My body responded accordingly and made it almost impossible for me to walk to my office by producing extreme back pains. This was the turning point of my life.

Today this whole scenario feels like a bad dream. I left my secure and prestigious job to start Lovli Locals and to live according to my needs. I am an independent traveler and believe that a five days holiday in a foreign country will never ever give you a true taste of it. It is just a break from the rat race, nothing else. To combine my wanderlust with making a living I had to face my fears and discover that money is a very abstract thing once you have very little of it. Being able to work wherever I am and realize something that felt right to me, was my major goal and it made some people close to me very uncomfortable. Leaving a well paid job behind to pursue a life less ordinary seems like a bad idea to most of the people but for me it was a life saver. You just have to accept that money will come very slowly and that it is ok to have less of it to spend for a couple of months as long as you have a plan on how to cover your basic expenses. I analyzed my shopping behavior and saved a lot of money by stopping to buy stuff I don't really need. This enabled me to spend money on trips instead of goods that were produced under bad conditions at some sweat shop. After I arranged the financial side of my new life, I started to set up a few tools that allowed me to have my work load under control no matter where I was. The only requirement for my new lifestyle was and is access to the internet.

First I set up a time management account at Paymo to have all my clients and projects under control. It is a very handy tool that allows you to track your working hours, projects and clients and even issues bills of your recorded working hours. Then I added an account at Highrise to manage my contacts . I use Mailchimp to send out newsletters or press releases and stay in touch with my clients via Skype. This  way I did not only manage to run my business from wherever it feels best but also working with way more and most of all international clients than from a normal office. I enjoy working all around the world with the most diverse people and I am grateful for this possibility every day.

If you want to find out more about tool that help you organizing your business while traveling, check out this article on Lifehack.

I know that this lifestyle is not for everybody but if you found pieces of yourself in my article, give it a try. Gather your courage, confidence and lust for life and give it a try!

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