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She is an independent traveler and rocks Lomography Germany from Berlin - Natalie is the latest addition to our never ending VOICES feature. On her many trips around the world she captured beautiful analog pictures she shares through her Instagram account. Dive into her stunning pictures to enjoy a little bit of mind traveling between your trips: zonderbar

Why do you travel?

Because you only live ones and since I'm a child I have this longing to discover new places, new cultures and make new friends. In addition I am an addictive To Do List creator and damn, there are still so many places on that list I need to tick.

Which city or country do you call home?

For a long time I really thought I can't call anything a home until I moved to Berlin. It's just the perfect city to live in right now. It's full of young, creative people, it's international and it's still affordable to live here. It also combines the perfect culture mix of East and West Germany, what I like because I grew up in both parts.

What is your favorite spot in this city?

Regardless of how ugly Alexanderplatz is, I just love the TV Tower. I love to walk around Mitte and take pictures of it from all kind of different perspectives.

Did you ever travel to a place where you felt totally lost?

When I was in Moscow for the first time and I couldn't understand anyone, nor did they understand me. I couldn't read and I couldn't pronounce the words. Even a visit to McDonald's was a funny experience. At least the word 'Big Mac' is working everywhere in the world.

What was the loveliest place you ever traveled to?

Table Mountain in Cape Town. Watching the sunset up there was a beautiful moment I will never forget.

Is there something you need with you to feel more at home when you are traveling?

No, actually not. I'm always carrying my phone with me which is my connection to family and friends.

Do you know how many countries you have been to?

Circa 15 countries.

What is your next destination?

My next destination is New York. I will be staying there for a couple of months. And of course I already have new travel plans. California is on top of my To Do List!

Do you have an essential advice to other travelers?

Make as many foreign friends as you can. They are not only the greatest tour guides, at best they will also offer you a place to stay and you save money for the trip.

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