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First of all, I have to admit - I don't surf. Due to an early "Jaws" trauma and a ridiculous fear of deep sea water, I don't enjoy water sports that much. But my boyfriend is a passionate windsurfer and he spends several weeks of surfing in the Western Cape region every year. After we first met in 2012 I followed his invitation to visit him in Langebaan and Cape Town. Although everyone who heard about the trip in Austria asked me "Isn't South Africa really dangerous?", I wanted to find out about this country myself. So, I packed my analog cameras and entered a plane to Cape Town where I experienced the most surprising trip of my life.

Today, after three trips to South Africa, I can say that I did not only fall in love with my boyfriend who is my husband now but also with this country and its deserted beaches, breathtaking landscapes and lovely locals.

Follow me on an analog (mind) surf trip to Langebaan, Swatriet and Cape Town...

Name 1441301820 Blazing sun and daredevil windsurfers at Platboom Beach

Name 1441301977 Enjoying a good surf with the best view of Table Mountain at Sunset Beach.

Name 1441301981 Langebaaaaaaaaaan!

Name 1441301983 German Surf Magazine at Pater Noster.

Name 1441302028 Swatriet

Name 1441302030 Swatriet

Name 1441301988 Swatriet

Name 1441301997 Swatriet

Name 1441301999 Langebaan

Name 1441302002 Langebaan

Name 1441302004 Langebaan

Name 1441302011 Swatriet

Name 1441302013 Swatriet

Name 1441302016 Langebaan

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