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April knows how to dare and live the moment. She is from California and just returned from a several months long trip through Europe and Asia. Together with friends she is working on the start-up intuALIGN - a company that helps you using your time efficiently - and used her trip to gather inspiration, information and a feeling for the people out there. Check out her venture here: http://intualign.com

Why do you travel? I travel because I love meeting people. While sights are amazing, I think it is the people that you meet along the way who have different stories or way of seeing life that make places memorable.

Which city or country do you call home? Long Beach, CA

What is your favorite spot in the city? Man, that is hard. I LOVE Long Beach! I would say it is East Ocean Avenue where the grass overlooks the ocean. This is really just a strip of grass area that overlooks the ocean. This place is where I go to walk, clear my head and just breathe. There are dozens of places in Long Beach that are probably much more beautiful, but for me, this is my retreat. Sunsets here are stunning!

Did you ever travel to a place where you felt totally lost? YES! When I went to Japan, I could not seem to figure out the rail systems and constantly kept taking the wrong exits and wrong trains. It was even harder because the language was so different. Thank goodness people there are so willing to help even with the language barrier!

Lovliest place I ever traveled This is also difficult! The lovliest place I have ever traveled would be a tie between Graz, Austria and Batanes, Philippines. Graz captured my heart. The size of the city was perfect for me and I loved the mix of the architecture—from the quaint buildings to the more contemporary structures. The place also just had a charm to it. Batanes on the other hand surrounds you with just mountains and the sea. Life there is simple and everyone there looks out for the good of each other. It’s a place that challenges you to live and love simply.

Is there something you need with you to feel more at home when you are traveling? I would need portable speakers. I love LOVE listening to music and music has a way of comforting me even in the places where I feel so lost.

How many countries I’ve been to? 12 (UK, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, UAE, Korea, Japan)

Next Destination I am planning to go to Shanghai sometime in the fall for a friend’s wedding. We actually became friends while staying in the same hostel in Korea.

Essential advice to travelers When you travel, let go of your agendas and plans and meet people. Adventure is all about ending up in places you’ve never thought you’d see and people you’d never thought you’d meet.