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Many tourists believe that when visiting Vienna, you have to try Wiener Schnitzel and Sachertorte to feel like a real Viennese. Simply said - WRONG!

The food scene in Vienna has been booming the past few years and many young entrepreneurs have been reviving a field which was considered boring for a long time. I compiled a small but fine selection of recommendations to help you find your way to food places that locals enjoy.

ZUR HERKNERIN If you insist on trying traditional Austrian food, this is the place to go. But not only for the food! Stefanie Herkner is the most charming and unique host you can wish for. Being the daughter of a famous Austrian chef, she realized her own vision of a cosy, vintage inspired restaurant, serving the recipes her grandmother used to cook. This is true soulfood and if you want to learn how to make wonderful fluffy dumplings you can even attend a dumplings workshop with her.

PIZZA QUARTIER Situated on the wonderful Karmelitermarkt, this is the latest addition to an ambitious push bringing back original Italian pizza to Vienna. Although Austria is not far away from Italy, it was almost impossible to find decent Italian pizza in Vienna for years. After the delicious Pizza Volante, Pizza Quartier is a new spot for Pizzaholics in Vienna.

MILCHBART Situated on Meidlinger Markt Milchbart has become a true institution in an area that was not associated with nice people nor good food. The owner Christian offers one dish every day and you can be sure - every dish is delicious. On Thursdays he serves one of the best burgers in town. And on Saturdays you can enjoy delicious breakfast or simply a chat with Christian.

GORILLA KITCHEN There is no real history of good Burritos in Vienna, so we are superhappy that it starts now. Gorilla Kitchen offers a variety of changing Burritos every day and takes a pass on cheesy tex mex decor. Simple design and simply delicoius burritos.

HILDEGARD WURST By now the whole world knows Conchita Wurst but Hildegard Wurst is still an insider's tip for the Hot Dog connaisseur. Recently opened on Operngasse this little shop takes you right into Hot Dog heaven and cherishes the long tradition of Wurst in Vienna in a new creative way.

BURGERRRRRRRRS Finally Vienna can offer a variety of good Burger restaurants. Here is just a selection:






Keep your eyes open while strolling through the city as new foodie spots are opening all the time. Enjoy!

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