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The public transport system in Vienna is one of the best in Europe and takes you anywhere in the city within 30 minutes. It is cheap compared to taxi rates and it is quite comfortable and really save. But using it like a local is not that easy for lots of tourists and this is why I want to help you out with a few things:

1) Tickets you buy at subway stations are valid for all means of public trandsport. You can use them to ride the subway, bus, tram and train.

2) Don't forget to validate your ticket when entering the station. Also take care to validate it on the right side of the ticket.

3) There are several different subway trains in use in Vienna. If you want to enter one of the older grey trains with silver door handles, you need to grab a handle und pull it to the side. It will not open by itself. If you are polite you open both doors at a time, so that other passengers can enter with you.

4) The most important rule when it comes to Vienna's public transport (and most probably all around the world) is: Let people exit BEFORE you enter the train! As a local this is one of the most annoying things.

5) Public drinking is part of Vienna's culture. Locals like to have a beer on their way to the club at night when riding a subway. Although it's against the house rules - it is normal to locals. Give it a try!

6) The subways operate 24 hours on Fridays, Saturdays and before holidays - to get party people home savely.

7) Vienna's subway stations are located quite closely next to each other. If the trains are delayed you can easily take a nice walk to the next station and experience the city.

8) Sometimes the line U4 is operated by a very special operator. He is famous for his witty and funny comments if passengers don't behave right. Listen when you are on the U4 and maybe you can hear one of his legendary comments.

9) The direction the subway is going is indicated by the final destination of the train. For example the platforms of the line U4 are called Hütteldorf and Heiligenstadt. Just have a look at the subway map and you will quickly find out if the station you want to go is closer to Hütteldorf or Heiligenstadt - this is the way how you choose your direction.

10) If you want a bargain ticket to get back to the airport forget about the City Airport Train! The normal train is also passing by the airport and it only costs you the proce of a public transport ticket.

In general Vienna's public transport system is very save and reliable. Just act like every other normal human being would do and you will be fine. If you are from an area without public transportation, don't be afraid to use it! It is way faster than using a car or taxi. Whenever you have the feeling you are lost - just ask someone - Viennese people might be grumpy sometimes but they always help.

You can find out more here: Enjoy your ride!

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