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When the heat gets unbearable on hot summerdays in Vienna, the Viennese flee the city and plunge into Neusiedler See or as some call it the Viennese Sea. After a hot day of splashing around in the shallow water of Neusiedler See the craving for fast food becomes inevitable. There are many restaurants around and it's really hard to choose - the range goes from super fancy to old fashioned but they have one thing in common - they are all super expensive and not really good.

But there is one tiny place right in the middle of Neusiedl am See where fast food dreams come true and burger afficionados will praise the burger lord. Max Burgers is a tiny place with a few seats inside and outside but most important of all - the best burgers to be found around Neusiedler See. The staff is wonderful, the ingredients are fresh and the burgers are superjuicy and tasty. Max Burgers even offers burger variations featuring local ingredients like the famous Grey Cattle and a choice between whole grain and normal bread. The home made fries are available as chili cheese, bacon cheese or satay style and even vegetarians will be happy with the tasty seitan burger. The prices are very reasonable for what you get. The owner is supernice and likes to chat with guests while he performs his burger magic. All ingredients at Max Burgers are fresh and that's why it might happen that the shop is sold out at the end of the day, so be fast!

Take away some burgers, enjoy them at the lake and you will never want to leave this fast food heaven again.

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