Lovli Local Esteban

Hi, I am Esteban, Geologist / Local guide in Buenos aires. I’m passionate about History, culture, and sports. My Motto: Mate en mano


What makes you a lovely Lovli Local?

I am passionate about discovering history, in the same place that happened. For that I travel Buenos Aires, observe, read and study old photos. And then I prepare a guided tour! I studied theater 4 years with Carolina Adamovsky, I did a 4 month course "Guided Visit: conceptual framework, planning and guidance techniques" by Roberto García Coni (Centro Cultural Rojas, 2018) and another 4 month course "Barrios de Buenos Aires" dictated also by Roberto García Coni (2018). Argentine history is exciting, and I would love to share it with others!! Welcome to BA!

What makes your tours different to others?

Is like you meet a good old friend and he shows you his city!

What do you like most/least about your city?

Buenos Aires is a lovely and plain city to walk around. Everything is so handy that doing a walking tour is the best choice to know this city!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?


What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

Social contact

What’s your favorite smell?

Grass, when it´s starting to rain.