How does the pricing for the tours work?

When our Lovli Locals set up a tour they set up the price for it according to duration, outlay and costs. Some Lovli Locals even offer free tours.

Is it possible to pay in a different currency than Euros?

This is not possible yet. We recommend checking the current exchange rates if you are unsure about the price.

How do I know if the tour i want to book is held in the right language?

Tours are usually held in English to provide a great experience for as many people as possible. If a tour is held in a different language it will be stated in the information block at the end of the tour description.

How do I pay for the booking?

We use Braintree, a trusted finance company, to process our bookings. At check out you will be redirected to their website to fill in your credit card details and that’s it. We only accept payments with credit card - no cash or bank transfer.

Are your Lovli Locals professional tourguides?

Some of them are professional tour guides who use our platform to offer tours off the beaten track but most of them are simply locals who enjoy sharing their passion with travelers like you.

Can I become a Lovli Local?

It’s really easy to become a Lovli Local yourself! Just think of a really exciting, cool, interesting, freaky, creative and lovli tour through your neighborhood or city and register at our website. We will guide you through the registration process and help you setting up your first tour.

Why do I have to wait for approval before i can start offering tours?

At Lovli Locals we are proud to offer only the most exciting, interesting, freaky, creative and mind blowing tours. Therefore we check every tour before sending it online. If your tour does not meet our quality standards we will be happy to help you remodeling it until it’s the perfect Lovli Locals tour.

Why do I need to give an interview to become a Lovli Local?

Lovli Locals are friends just haven’t met yet. Your answers will show people who you are and what’s important in your life. If they can relate to what you say and offer, they will be happy to book your tours and get to know you.

Why do you recommend 2 hours length for tours?

We want people to experience something unique and memorable when attending our tours and believe that a two hours tour has the best length to offer enough room for talks, questions and laughter. Experiences are unique and sometimes need a little more or less time, so if your planned tour or experience lasts longer or shorter, tell your audience about it in the tour description.

How do I make my tours more interesting?

A Lovli Locals tour should be anything but ordinary but at the same time should focus on something that your are very familiar with. When you found a suitable topic try to work out the details and offer your bookers an experience that they can only experience with you. The topic of your tour does not have to be super spectacular - it’s your knowledge and presence that make your tour special.

Are there any fees I need to know about?

As a Lovli Local we will charge you 15% service fee. This means that in the beginning of the following month you will receive the money you earned as a Lovli Local minus 15% percent service fee.
Users who want to book tours can use our website for free. At the checkout a small credit card transaction fee (1 Euro per booked item) will be added.

How do I receive my money?

As a Lovli Local you can earn money easily by sharing your passion. The money you earn with booked tours will be transferred on a monthly basis.

Do I need a licence to become a Lovli Local?

There are some countries where you need to have a license to guide travelers through your city or pass on historical information. Please check out the legal situation in your city before offering your first tour as we cannot take responsibility for unauthorized tours.

Is there a maximum of participants per tour?

Yes, a maximum of 10 people can attend a tour. We believe that small tours offer a better experience to the attendees.

Is there a minimum of participants per tour?

We leave it up to our Lovli Locals to decide on this. You can learn about it in the tour description.

I can’t see the meeting point in the tour description. How will i know where to meet up?

You will receive a confirmation email including meeting point and all important information after you confirmed your booking. Please check your spam filter if you do not receive it.

My city is not featured yet, how can I become a Lovli Local?

We want to feature as many cities as possible. Just register as a Lovli Local and your city will be included in our every extending offer.

Do I have to pay taxes for the money I earn as a Lovli Local?

It depends on the laws of your country. Please make sure to inform yourself about the tax situation in your country before offering a tour. We do not take responsibility for tax issues.

Why does nobody book my tours?

The key to successful bookings is an inspiring tour description with beautiful pictures. Make sure that you describe every detail that is important for attendees and point out the specialities of your tour. The description should be anything but boring. Just get creative!

I want to book a certain tour on a date which is not available. Can I ask the Lovli Local to set up a tour for me?

Sure, please contact the Local of your choice and ask him/her to set up a tour at the date of your choice. For cases like this we added a contact section at the profile of every Lovli Local.

My tour got cancelled. Will I get my money back?

When you book a tour the money will be reserved on your credit card and only if the tour takes place, the money will be charged. If you tour got cancelled beforehand you will get back the full amount.

I booked an amazing tour with an awesome Lovli Local. Can I rate it somehow?

We are working on a rating system, so that you can show your love for our lovely Lovli Locals.

Why did you start such a website?

We want travelers to experience a city through its locals’ eyes as this is the easiest way to feel the real soul of a city or neighborhood. As frequent travelers we found out that there is no international website offering these kind of experiences while enabling locals to earn extra money by sharing their passion. We felt the need to connect travelers with locals and to make this world simply lovli.

Why is your website so Lovli?

Here at Lovli Locals we believe that our world deserves to be a little bit more lovli. This is why we tried our best to design and plan this website to offer you the most pleasant booking experience possible. Every little detail should please you and make your day - especially our Lovli Locals and their tours.