There are places and people who have an enormous leading role that none really knows about. This modesty is what makes these place and people not only very likeable but also extremely worth discovering. The hanseatic city of Hanover is one of these places.

You'll be so surprised when discovering its unflashy, upthrusting spirit that speculations like the following will come very natural: There is this saying that once you're at the bottom, the only direction to follow is up. Hanover is located in an area called “Lower Saxony”, so maybe that's one of the reasons for its aspiring and propulsive spirit?

One of the roots for this city's quiet dignity undeniably lies in its royal past: in the 18th century local monarchs governed Great Britain and its overseas establishments for over 100 years. Who knew that monarchs from the house of Hanover were once ruling over half the world – see?!

Leaving all this grand historic background behind, today Hanover – with its beautiful city centre featuring perfectly renovated half-timber houses – is once more providing home to pioneer contemporaries. Young and talented thinkers, researchers and intellectuals shape the city life in its international top universities, and the worldwide computer elite gathers every year at the CeBit, the world's largest information and communications technology fair.

Being such a rising city in so many aspects it nearly seems unnatural that the rain is still pouring down. We'll let you know when time has come that even the rain goes upwards.