Are you an outgoing person?

A Lovli Local needs to enjoy meeting new people and therefore should be an outgoing and openminded person. Having ten people who expect you to entertain them around you for two hours might be a new experience for you but it will be great fun. Just remember: Speak up!

Do you need a tour guide license to operate in your country?

There are some countries or cities like Austria or New York where you need to have a tour guide license to show people around. Offering tours without a license might cause you trouble. As we cannot take responsibility for this case, please check if you are allowed to give tours in your region.

Does your tour offer something special?

The tours offered at Lovli Locals have to be special, out of the ordinary and off the beaten tourist track. Keep this in mind when planning your first tour and most of all consider if you would book your tour if your were a tourist. Connect your tour to something your really like, know a lot about and are really passionate about. If you have friends who own cool shops ask them for a discount for your bookers or take your bookers backstage at a club whose owner you know. Your knowledge as a local is something no tourist might ever have access to if not with you, so share it!

Did you write a good tour description?

To let people know how amazing your tour will be, you need to write an irresistible tour description. Try to write it as detailed and entertaining as possible. Let people know about the specialities and what they can expect. You know how magical, entertaining, exciting or freaky your tour is going to be but your future bookers don’t, so let them know!

Did you choose the right pictures?

You should add pictures to your tour description that give an impression of what to expect. The best way to take atmospheric pictures is to rehearse the tour with friends before offering it to bookers. Choose pictures with people on it as these are always more interesting to bookers than pictures with architecture. The best time to take pictures is in the late afternoon when the light is smooth and everything feels relaxed. The pictures are like a billboard for your tour.

Did you rehearse your tour?

This point is really important! Before offering a tour you need to rehearse it to find out how long it will take and if your tour plan is realistic. The tour should be held in English to provide a great experience for as many people as possible. Note down special information that might be important to your future bookers. Find out if the tour is suitable for disabled persons, kids or if the bookers need to bring some special equipment. If you are planning to involve a museum where your bookers will need to pay admission, let them know beforehand. And make sure to choose a distinct meeting point everyone can find (e.g. a landmark, shop, street number, …).

Do you offer enough tour dates?

Especially in the beginning it’s important that you offer a tour on several dates as travelers are limited on time. This way you will receive more bookings.