I am Corrina, the founder of Lovli Locals and happy that you found your way to my website. The reason why I set up Lovli Locals is a simple one: Nobody likes to be a stranger.

On my many trips all around the world I often felt like a stranger, lonely or simply lost. But there where also times when I felt totally at home and in good hands. These were the times when I had the pleasure to experience a city through its local’s eyes. What was normal to them was a wonder world full of surprises to me and left me with memories that no conventional tourist guide could have given me.

Lovli Locals is all about this – feeling the heartbeat of a city, looking behind the scenes, experiencing the passion of its locals and most of all meeting new friends. All the Lovli Locals you find on this website have been carefully chosen to guarantee you a one of a kind experience and two wonderful hours in the city of your choice.

Lovli Locals is all about the people because they are the ones who make experiences special. Some of them are professional tour guides while others are simply passionate people who want to share their knowledge about their neighborhood with you but they have one thing in common: they rock. And the best thing about it – you can become one of them too and help travelers to feel like one of the locals – even if it’s just for a couple of hours – and earn some money besides.

No matter if you are a traveller looking for the real thing or a future Lovli Local, I hope you enjoy this website and your trip!

Lovli regards,

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We are reaching out to interesting, edgy, openminded, creative and unusual people who feel the need to share what they like best about their city with other travelers.

A Lovli Local can be a professional tour guide who wants to offer an alternative to conventional tours, an artist who wants to give people a feeling for his world, a mum who wants to take other new mums on a tour to the best baby shops or simply a local hero who wants to show the secrets of his neighborhood to other travelers. It’s all about an exceptional experience. The more creative the better.

Every month a special Lovli Local will be highlighted on our frontpage who will be chosen by us to honor his creativity.


All the tours, experiences, meet-ups or workshops you find on Lovli Locals have been approved and carefully chosen. Although we call it tours, it’s more about experiencing a city in a unique way together with a local who has access to areas, experiences or ideas a normal tourist does not have.

A tour can be a shopping tour through the best record stores, a workshop with a designer, a home cooked dinner at a Lovli Local’s place or a skateboard tour to the best spots in your city. Citylife is diverse and motley and we want the tours to reflect the soul of your city.

We have an open price policy. It’s up to the Lovli Locals to make the best price for their tour and make the best out of it. We recommend 20 to 40 Euros per person for a 2 to 3 hours tour.


Just browse through the tours and choose your favorite one. Click the “Book Me” button and follow the booking instructions. For the booking you need a valid credit card and we do not accept other ways of payment yet.

The payment will be reserved on your card until the tour took place. This way the money will only be booked if a tour takes place. After finishing the booking process you will receive a confirmation email including the exact meeting point and details of the tour.

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Everyone is welcome to join us and we want to gather as many Lovli Locals from this beautiful world as possible. Before you register please think about a first tour because we can only activate your profile if you offer a tour. Also consider if your tour is something unusual that sticks out from what is offered at your local tourist offices.

If you are determined to become a Lovli Local, click on “Register” and follow the instructions. We will ask you to fill out a short interview to help people to get to know you before booking your tours and will check if your tour fits our standards. This means that we check if the tour is interesting enough for our users, does not violate any form of law, feelings or human rights.

After your registration has been set up successfully your tour will be open to be booked. For every booking you will be charged a provision of 15%. A fully booked 20 Euro tour will earn you 170 Euros – not bad for 2-3 hours of fun, isn’t it?


We just launched Lovli Locals and hope that this cute little website will grow constantly to enable people to take home memories from their trips that they will love to recall.

If you enjoyed a Lovli Locals tour tell your friends about it or consider becoming a Lovli Local yourself.

The more people join us the easier it will be to achieve our vision: Never feel like a stranger.

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